1. End of an Era
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Things have gone crazy
My mind has been hazy
Taking on the world
Watching it burn up
Haven’t been good lately

Tryna survive this #Covid​
Heart aches from all the riots
Glad #Trump​ is out! Come #2021​
Can we rely on #Biden​

This is an end of an E- E Era
Are you Ready? Ready?
This is an end of an E- E Era
Are you Ready? Ready? Ready?
Ready for what’s to come!?

Black people’s hurting
White people act burdened
Children are stressed out
Mothers are burned out
Poverty’s growing

We have failed as a country
We have failed as a people
Has history taught us nothing
When are we gonna evolve?

This is an end of an era
Are you ready?
This is an end of an E- E- Era
Are you ready, ready, ready?

Ready for what’s to come
Ready for what’s to come
It’s about to get crazy
It’s about to get #Krayzie​


We're surviving
Imagine how live you gotta be
To riot in the street
Fighting with police
With ya fist up
Screaming no surrender no retreat
Burning down buildings
That's for hurting our feelings
Statues came down because that Era Is over
For degenerate confederate soldiers
Now tell me
Why I'm nervous Everytime I gotta cough or sneeze
Out in public stop bugging these are allergies
I know Biden got the vote by default
Because Everytime Trump opened up his mouth to talk [stop]
I won't even mention the debate
Never thought I'd see the day
Everyone wearing decorative masks on their face
What's the moral of my story
Ima rider
You should Be proud cuz
Yousa 2020 survivor [stop]
An end of an Era
I'm asking what's next
Now more than ever
We need progress as a people
It'll be a process True
The old ways ain't work
Let's try something new [stop]
Fact or fiction
Time capsule rap
For your future grandchildren
Hit play let em listen
Let me hit em with a quote from Scarlet
"Sometimes convenience is laced with poison" end quote
Life is a fight so fight
End note: don't choose the wrong side of RIGHT!
LET'S GO!!!!

This is the end of an e- e- e- e- e- e- era
This is the end of a ERA