1. Born to Fly


Would you Risk falling
For the chance to fly? 2xs

First verse:
I wanna be the lightening
The thunder
I wanna be someone that they'll remember
I wanna come pouring
They'll say she is a force to be reckoned with

You see my dreams are
An extension of me-like my wings
So I'm not afraid to fall cause I was born to fly

Would you risk falling
For the chance to fly? 2xs

Aye yo,
I know sometimes fear can make you wonder
Will I make it or will I go under
But yo
Sometime winning is not about the ending
It's about the journey, the clarity
The fact that you can say you did it.
I dunno if I'm a make it
Or if I'm a flop
Dunno how people gone perceive me
When this album drop
I dunno all the ends and outs of this game
I just keep hearing my dreams
Whispering my name
Yo peep it
I see my face all ova billboards
Taking exotic trips
Dating Michael B Jordan
Accepting awards
Bringing mama to tears
How can I give all of that up
To fear
Aye yo
Fear is a sickness
And I cannot get infected
Can't fall victim to critics
Or give life to rejection
I'm a smile
Keep my head high
And prepare to take flight
Won't catch me dwelling on falling
Cause yo

Repeat hook till song fades