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Quiet Days.
Quiet Nights.
I stay away from everyone.
Not that anyone would notice anyway,
But there's nothing left for me to give away.
I stay up, I stay up in my little world.
It's funny how life could be...

Uninterrupted seclusion.
I chose social isolation.
The world is too rotten for me.
I was never any good at pretending.
No, Oh, No

So leave me alone...
Just leave me alone!
Cause I'd rather suffer all by myself
Than watch you look at me and pretend
You ever cared.
You don't even know me.
You never knew me.
Oh, No, oh

So I sit in quiet places
In my quiet time.
I stay away from everyone.
I'm way too sensitive to be apart
Lies, deceit, and betrayal
I prefer true love and peace above all. Oh, ooh, oh, oh

Isolated! (Isolated)
Isolated! (Oh yeah, yeah)
Isolated! (Isolated yeah, yeah, yeah)
Isolated! (Isolated)
Isolated! (Hmm mmm)
Isolated! (Isolated)